ICT Solutions

Server Trolleys

Server Trolleys can be used to easily move and locate electronic equipment on the shop floor. These trolleys may be mobile server racks or mobile test stations.

Cable Management Solutions

All bespoke cable management solutions, enclosures, workstations, server racks or product trolleys are designed with best practices for cable management. These best practices include:

  • Clear and consistent labelling of cables and colour coding where appropriate;
  • Rigorous testing of cables;
  • Use of high quality connectors and cable terminators;
  • Use of accurate cable lengths to minimise confusion, kinks and tangles;
  • Separation of network and power cables in order to minimise interference;
  • Segregation of cables for ease of identification and cable tracing;
  • Conduit design to allow for future expansion (where applicable).
Server Rack Trolleys Fully Loaded
Server Racks

Server Racks

Hardware for use in any Data Centre includes server racks, server trolleys, test trolleys, cable management ducts and electric or electronic enclosures.

NGS manufacture and assemble network-server, disk-server and router racks and trolleys for the IT / Electronics industry. These racks typically are used in ‘server farms’ where a collection of computer servers are maintained by an organisation to supply server functionality to hosting providers or large organisations.

Our in-house capability to manufacture the server racks and then assemble and label the cabling for easy of use by the client makes us the ideal choice for companies who would like tailor designed server racks to be manufactured to their needs. Our expertise in cable management is applied to all server rack designs and assemblies.

Our clients include international companies like Dell and Apple.

Cable Pillars

Cable Pillars are a convenient means of providing electrical, network and telecommunications connection points on open plan or data centre layouts and for cable management in the workplace. NGS have provided cable management pillars to both the industrial and the commercial market.

These pillars are height adjustable for floor-to-ceiling installation and coupled with our in-ceiling cable management solutions (like cable baskets and cable trays) provide the complete solution to remove the clutter of cables on the shop floor. Our cable management solutions can be tailored to the layout of the shop-floor and the cable pillars can be manufactured according to the clients needs. Cable pillars are fully wired and configured according to the clients particular cabling and connection requirements and can be installed and commissioned at the clients’ premises by NGS.

Cable pillars are ideal for server and disk testing and for server warehouses, but can also be used in open-plan work environments or a wide range of other applications.

Cable Management - Cable Pillars
Electrical Enclosures for Cable Management

Electrical Enclosures

Our electrical enclosures are used to protect delicate equipment from mechanical or chemical damage in the data centre. These enclosures also are designed for user and equipment safety and to provide a more user-friendly end-design

Typical uses of Electrical Enclosures include:

  • Electronics and electrical components;
  • Hard disk protection;
  • Racks and rack cabinets;
  • Corrosive environment protection;
  • Cable management and protection;
  • Consoles for mounting measurement control or instrumentation devices;
  • Cosmetic appeal of the end-product.

Air vents and air flow can be designed into the enclosures for improved heat removal or dust prevention. Enclosures can be Halar coated or powder coated for protection or cosmetic appeal. Our design team can assist clients with the design of the enclosures if required.

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