Life science companies face many challenges some of which include sourcing materials, manufacture of products, market changes, safety in the workplace and the testing of products. The pharmaceutical industry, in particular, is impacted by the need for safety, workplace sterilization and cleanliness and the safe and secure manufacture, packaging, and transport of products.

Problems at any stage of the pharmaceutical manufacturing pipeline can potentially have dire consequences such as the shutdown of production, a recall of products or health issues to patients and employees. The issues can arise in any of the pharmaceutical production stages and therefore, mistake proofing (Poke Yoke) is essential to the process. One important area in which the risk can be minimised is in product  / material handling where product trays (sterilization trays) provide a clean / sterile environment and allow for material movement and automation.

Sterilization trays can be used throughout the healthcare industry in areas like drug manufacture, IV bag transport, prosthetics, testing samples, and medial instrument manufacture.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Trays in Production

The medical sterilization of equipment both in the life science and healthcare industries is important for the health of patients and the testing and production of drugs and other pharmaceuticals or medical equipment. It is one reason why there has been a increase in the use of automation and robotics in the manufacturing and production of pharmaceutical and medical items.

The use of machinery, pharmaceutical grade cleanrooms, sterilized product trays, material handling solutions and automation reduces the need for human exposure and the chances of outside contamination during the production process.

NGS Industrial is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment and machinery for the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Components of some of their designs include robotics, conveyor belt systems and sterilized Pharmaceutical Trays.

Sterilization trays are designed according to the production environment, the manufacture equipment, product requirements and the clients needs. Understanding these factors ensures that the right materials are selected for robust, easy to clean and reusable product trays and for optimised material handling and automation of the process.

Trays can be used for storage, the sterilization of other items, and insertion into autoclaves to run tests on samples. In hospitals, sterilized trays are used for holding equipment during procedures, transporting sensitive material and general storage.

Stacked Pharmaceutical Product Trays

Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Trays

Stainless steel is one of the best materials to produce sterilization trays and other equipment within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Let us have a quick look at the advantage of using stainless steel over other materials.

  • Stainless Steel is durable: Stainless Steel is much more long-lasting than a lot of other materials. Surface passivation ensures that the surface can self-heal when any minor damage occurs.
  • Heat resistance: Stainless steel can be used at relatively high temperatures and has inherent oxidation resistance.
  • Chemical resistance: Stainless steel is not susceptible to corrosion and is resistant to many corrosive chemicals.
  • Easy to clean: The surface of stainless steel can be finished to a high level of smoothness ensuring less particles can be adsorbed onto the surface and making cleaning much easier and removal of contaminants more effective.
  • Steel is reusable: Almost all products required in the manufacturing industry should be reusable, reducing your environmental footprints and increasing use. It is much less effort to disinfect and sterilize equipment than to purchase new items.

Uses of Sterilization Trays / Pharmaceutical Trays

This is just a brief look at the use of sterilized trays and how they can assist both in pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing and within the healthcare industry.

Autoclave Sterilization Pouch Holders

Well-built and designed sterilization trays can be used in autoclaves. Their resistance to high temperatures makes them ideal for autoclave testing. NGS industrial are experts in design and manufacturing customised trays which are fit for purpose.

Medical Sample Storage & Handling

Trays can be used to store medical samples and supplies, and they are easy to clean after use. The trays can be designed and manufactured to hold / contain the medical or pharmaceutical products and are ideal for storage and testing while ensuring that the product is clean and safe.

Holding Medical Implants Through Cleaning Processes

Manufacturers need to ensure that samples, products, and implants among others are free of exposure to outside elements. Trays allow for efficient cleaning and transport within the work place and / or testing areas.

Other Life science products

The need for sterilized trays in the pharmaceutical industry often also requires other services and products all of which qualified experts should be able to supply. This may include drip trays, clean rooms, furniture, and manufacturing equipment. Each of these items helps ensure better production, clean work environments and profitability, but most importantly the health and safety of employees and clients.

Industrial Sterilization

NGS provides a wide range of solutions for material transport, handling and storage, cleanroom environments and production automation solutions.

NGS takes pride in providing solutions and equipment that are ergonomically sound, custom-built to the clients requirements, and fit for purpose. NGS supply a range of cleanrooms that are designed for the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. In addition to this, they provide storage lockers, workstation, testing units among much more.

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