Halar® ECTFE is a polymer coating that is suitable for coating materials to protect against corrosion and thermal damage. Halar coating is particularly suited for application using electrostatic powder coating techniques.

The most important properties of Halar coating are:

  • Very high chemical resistance (resistant to solvents and acids/bases);
  • Good thermal resistance;
  • High abrasion and impact resistance;
  • High permeation resistance;
  • Excellent surface characteristics – smooth and pore free;
  • Good non-stick properties (like PTFE);
  • ECTFE is also a good electrical insulator.

Halar coatings are often used in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries where protection of components against chemical and mechanical wear is important.

The high purity of Halar coatings makes this ideal for coating components in applications like water purification, semiconductor manufacture, cleanrooms and other applications where contamination must be minimised or eliminated.

The high thermal resistance of Halar coatings (in the range -76C and 150C) makes it ideal for fluid handling and waste disposal applications.

NGS are a leading provider of Halar coating services in the Ireland. We have provided coatings for a wide range of products and industries. For example, we supply Halar coated products to the Pharmaceutical industry where surface treatment and finish if of vital importance to the performance and life of the product. The properties of the coating and hence the performace of these products in application makes this an ideal finish to apply to many pharmaceutical products.


Halar Coated Products

The range of products where Halar coating is applied includes:

Halar coated metals can be used as an alternative to expensive metals alloys where high thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance properties are important.

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