Quality Policy Statement


The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate that the management and staff of the company are aware of Quality Management System and customers needs and expectations.



Quality Policy

NGS are based in a 12,000 sq foot factory in Smithstown Industrial Estate Shannon, Co.Clare. The company was set up in 1988. The company employs seventeen people and are involved in welding wire screens and manufacturing industrial furniture.

The Management and staff of the company are. Committed to implementing and maintaining and continually improving the quality management system that meets the ISO 9000 requirements. The Management and staff are aware of the customer product needs and requirements, both stated and implied. The company are also aware and abide the statutory regulations, where applicable to the products they produce.

To continually improve its systems the company have set objectives and targets:

  1. Produce quality products that meet the customer requiremsnts
  2. Deliver the products within the agreed
  3. Improve the internal efficiency of its operations

To achieve the above targets and objectives yearly objectives and targets are set at all levels and functions in the organisation. The progress of these objectives and targets are tracked at the Management Review Meeting.

All staff in the company understand the Quality Policy and its meaning in the company.

The quality policy is reviewed at 12 month intervals at the Management review meeting for suitability and effectiveness and current relevance.

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